Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live simply.   Love seriously.   Care deeply.   Speak kindly.  Leave the rest to God.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A costume and the hopes of Halloween not getting cancelled.

September is here already, I cant believe it.  Its time to start looking for Halloween costumes for the little one soon.  She has been talking about what she might like to be, but each time it changes to something new.  She asked me the other day on the way to school.
 Mommy do you know what I'm going to be for Halloween?  I said, Coraline?  She said No, A princess?  No  A shark? No  A fairy?  No,  I said what do you want to be sweetie?  Oh I don't know I thought you might give me some ideas .  She is so funny.  So I guess we will be on the look out for a cute costume for her. 

Just as long as this year she doesn't get so excited about Halloween and then the day of she doesn't try to cancel it like last year. 
So I think I will be prepared this year, just in case, I am going to have the pizza delivery number on hand, candy and popcorn and a good kid friendly Halloween movie, just in case Halloween gets cancelled.  Wish me luck!