Monday, November 30, 2009

Sometimes you don't find peace, sometimes peace finds you.

These past 2 weeks have been mega stress time for me.
Things have blown up in my face that I was neither prepared for nor wanted.
And when I could take no more, I did something I don't normally do anymore, because I am a big girl now, and big girls should suck it up, YEAH RIGHT, I turned to my Mommy. Yes people at 30 years old I still call her Mommy.
A name that is earned not just given.
A Mommy loves you no matter what.
Is there for you when you can't even be there for yourself.
A Mommy wants nothing more than to see your smile and hear your laugh and know when they are real or fake and when they are real, they beam.
A Mommy knows how to give a hug better than anyone, and if you are lucky you get to learn how to be a Mommy from your Mommy.
Mommy's listen to you, not just hear you.
So this one is for my Mommy. I love her so much and she has raised not just me but my twin sisters who are 24. To the best of her ability. Yes she messed up here and there, but she did what she thought at that moment was right. And that is all we can ask at the end of the day.

Thank you Mommy and thank you Lindsey and Erin (my sisters, who have also helped to bring peace to my life)

God is Love~Jessica

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what worship means to me

Worship to me is when you glorify God to the highest.
It doesn't matter if its just you at the grocery store thanking God for the food
that you are buying
Or you are at church with many, praising him in song.
You can worship anytime of the day. Its our way of showing our love and thanks to
our Lord!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life is like a snowstorm

I sit at my kitchen table with a hot cup of coffee at peace.

Peace because after the day I had, which included a long trip to the vet and some not so great news. I look around and see my daughter eating an apple, with the skin on I might add, watching a movie that she has been asking to watch for 2 days. It is finally cooler outside, but I have yet to open the windows (maybe I will do that after I post this). My husband is in bed with our pug Milo, who went to the vet today. They are both curled up watching some syfy show that is on. I think he said it is called V. All I know is he is very into it and for some reason so is the pug ha ha.

I pray that my little Milo will be okay and I am willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen. Seeing that my husband and I have one child who is 5 and no others, my dog has become what I call 'mommy's baby' and he knows it. But he also knows this mommy sets boundaries for him and my human baby ;)

I know without a shadow of a doubt that my Lord IS going to get me through all that lay ahead. And with his help I will get through it. Not just about today, but with everything that has been on my mind.

Peace is mine for the taking and I am taking it.

I was thinking the other night:

Life is like a snowstorm, we can't see where it is we are going and sometimes the walk is very hard, but with faith, in the end we are in the warmth of HOME.

God is Great~Jessica