Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spilling Out

I have so much to say that it might sound like it is spilling out, but here it goes:
I had a wonderful birthday week the last week of May.  My family and friends sure know how to make me feel special.  I got some pretty awesome gifts, an ipod nano (purple), a tervis tumbler(with a flower on it) just to name a couple things!  I had some wonderful food and wonderful company.
My daughter graduated kindergarten and is now off to 1st grade.
Did more laundry, 35 loads, than I would like to admit, never again will I let it get that out of hand.
Have just begun to watch LOST and I have a very big addiction to it I am hooked! Thank God for Netflix and the Wii.
Working more hours at school which means more money, that is a prayer answered.
So now I am looking forward to a great summer, hopefully not too hot and lots of new adventures to explore. 
God is love,

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