Thursday, July 29, 2010

And BAM its in!

Last night I was on the phone with my mom and my daughter must have over heard our conversation about a wild cat that was terrorizing her dog and cat. Because in the car today she is telling me this story and like the wonderful mom I am, I was half listening, okay, look she is 6 with the utmost imagination of her age.  So sometimes I kinda tune her out.  But then as I was tuning her out, I realized I was beginning to miss a memorable story. So when I heard this line I was all ears to her:

So you take a cage and a tennis racket, (oh this was going to be good, I mean she has my blood and my husbands, and if you know me personally you are probably laughing at just this) and you need a band, not a hair band but what are those bands called Mommy?  A rubber band I reply thinking this is getting good.  Yeah a rubber band and you attach it to both the cage and the tennis racket, Auntie has a tennis racket we can go get it from her!  Okay I reply with all seriousness.  Then we need something dead.  DEAD!?  I ask.  Yeah not an animal they don't like those, but a fish will do, yeah a dead fish, cats love those, says this squeeky little voice.   So we will put the dead fish in the cage and when the cat goes in, BAM its in!  The tennis racket hits it on the butt just to make sure it's in!  Now you text Nana and you tell her what I said okay Mommy?  Okay baby I reply uncontrollable laughing that this little person is so creative and so amusing all at the same time. 

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