Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Is Not Possible Without Good Friday

To truly immerse yourself in the meaning of Easter is not an easy task when you are to understand and truly feel the emotions that you are meant to feel.  This year I decided I was going to give up something for Lent.  I am not Catholic nor Lutheran. I am a Christian girl (in my mind but at my age a woman) that felt that it was a need to give something up leading up to Easter.  Many do not understand why I did this but it was for my relationship with Christ that this was done.  I gave up something very precious to me- don't laugh, ready....- I gave up Coke A Cola.  Oh my sweet coke. The amazing thing about what I gave up is that yes I have wanted it but not like I thought I would.  When I would think oh how good would an ice cold coke be right now, I would think of my relationship with Jesus and I was good, I could wait.  So tomorrow marks Good Friday.  If you believe that Jesus is Christ and died for you, then you celebrate Good Friday, I don't care who you are.  I get so upset when someone says yes I celebrate Easter and its full meaning but I don't celebrate Good Friday.  I have news for people, if He didn't die on Friday, He would not have risen on Sunday.  Its that simple.  I think of Jesus coming into the city on the donkey, knowing what he was about to have to do.  I think of the torment that happened to him, the agony. . . the shear agony that He went through for each one of us. When I think of Jesus dying on the cross I bawl every time.  That should have been me but He wouldn't allow His child to be put through such a horrible death, just like I would die for my children without even blinking, no hesitation, He too died for me, because our Father loves us unconditionally.   He gave us a gift that no one but Him could give.  We all go through life with problems, whether it is family, finances, health.  But I am so thankful the one thing that would be the biggest one of all is taken care of and its that Jesus died for you, for your soul.  Its taken care of, you have no worries about it.  He did it lovingly and selflessly.  So this Easter remember, you have a loving God, who died for you, no questions asked, so that you could be forever with him.  Grace and Mercy is such a gift and one that I am completely in awe of, we all make mistakes, but He forgives. 

God is Love,

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