Monday, July 1, 2013


For years I have suffered from horrible migraines and cluster headaches.  My doctor was at a loss and then we started to notice I couldn't lose weight either.  My thyroid was tested but there was nothing wrong with it. I was then tested for a gluten allergy.  Sure enough it came back that I had one.  I took gluten out of my diet and wallah no more migraines. I also began to juice.  I watched the movie Fat Sick & Nearly Dead and it gave a whole new perspective on what my body was going through.  I began juicing what I would call Green Monster Juice.  At first I decided certain death would be easier than getting this concoction down but as the days went on I began to feel better and ....and it began to taste good! Say what?! I have been drinking it for 3 months now and I find the worst part is now the amount of time it takes to get my liquid gold.

Recipe for The Green Monster Juice:

2 cucumbers
4 carrots
2 bags of spinich
1 inch ginger
1 lemon (pealed)
3 apples

Be sure to wash all of your produce.  I use a large bowl and soak them in white vinegar and baking soda and then dry well afterward.

Also I have this juicer but there are so many out there, find what is best for you.

Happy Juicing!

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