Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do over Sunday

Okay so let me start with I had the worst of the worst migraine all day. You know the kind that you have to upchuck to get rid of it. Yeah I know you wanted to hear that.

Well now that that is over with I can go on to other things. Josh and I started a new chore chart for Gena today. The Princess Chore Chart. Okay so this kid only has a few things on it and do you know half of them are still not done. She was not happy when she found out the cash flow would dwindle down. Then we also did the Privilege Ladder that I read on It Feels Like Chaos blog. Thank you so much to the lady who wrote that on her blog. Do you know that this thing helped out so much.
If you want to see what I am talking about go to It Feels like Chaos Blog

Okay so as you have already read I had a stinking migraine and so when I put out the chicken breasts to thaw it was already 1 maybe 2 in the afternoon so needless to say we had pizza delivered. It did help the headache some but then I thought I might vomit again so I stopped eating. Oh but it was good.

Do you ever notice that you are drawn to shows that would normally not appeal to you but since you do have a kid and you are so used to watching them that the next thing you know you are watching the Disney channel and The Princess Protection Program is on and you Liked it.
My child wasnt even in the room, no, the dog, who by the way is 2 whole years old today, big feat for a dog that I didnt think would make it through 1, seeing that my child treats him like a sibling, anyway I am off the beaten path now. So yes the pug, Milo, watched this with me. He snored more than watched but he is a great snuggler.

Oh and did anyone see that not only in 1 weeks time did Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, and Farrah Fawcett pass but Billy Mays (infomercial king) passed too! God sure is busy bringing people home. At this point I am waiting to see who has passed on tomorrow. Morbid but true.

Well it is getting late and I have to get up early so I can teach a group of 5 year olds. Hip Hip Horray. No really they are great. Did I mention my kid is in that class too haha. This should be fun. ~Jess

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It Feels Like Chaos said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog and Privilege Ladder post! So glad to hear it has helped you! I know I would go crazy without it!! Yes, sometimes the chart annoys me when I want the kids out of my hair but they are not on the right level to watch TV or video games, but usually if I point out that they could have watched a movie if only they were on the right level, they are quick to do chores to move up! Suddenly my dishwasher is unloaded, the floor is kinda swept and the trashcan is wiped down :)! Have fun with your new blog!