Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sometimes Change takes some getting used to.

How do you get a child to act up and be completely out of the norm?

Take them out of a classroom that they LOVE and put them in a new one.

My daughter was doing AWESOME in her kindergarten class. She loved her teacher and met a little girl that I would be okay for her to call her 'best friend' and you know me I don't do that often. The last person I was okay with that was my sweet Timmy. (Heather, my BFF, her son)

So now she is in a new classroom with new kids. Her new teacher is a very nice woman. And I can see my daughter having a great year with her. It will just take some time for her to get used to her.

Her school sends home a notebook/agenda everyday that tells how your child has done.

This is an example of my child's for the past 2 weeks.

Monday (last week) : Gena pulled her pants down in the lunchroom today please talk to her.

(I was like WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is NOT my child! What is going on!

Tuesday (Last week): Gena punched a boy in the stomach today.
(WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

the rest of the week :)

Today: Gena was screaming in the lunch room today. Please speak with her.

Okay so I have to say my kid is a stubborn, fly by the seat of her pants kind of girl.

BUT THIS IS NOT FUNNY! I finally found out what was going on. She thought if she was bad she could go back to her old class. When I told her otherwise. Tears sprang from her face :( I feel bad for her but I also know enough is enough! So pray for me cause I am trying to be a good mom, and a prayer that comes out of my mouth more than not:Jesus help me to be a good mom.

Just thought I would share. God Bless ~Jessica

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Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Oh, poor girl! I hope she is liking her new class better. Isn't that so typical of kids? Their behavior is always trying to tell us something!