Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Hog

There was a time when I bought books and movies then I found out about this thing called the library. . .

Now I am a book hog, no really I am. I want them all to myself and they aren't even mine! I realized that I could reserve all of my books and movies online for the library and that was a big mistake on their part.

My request list is llllllooooooonnnnnnnggggggg *wink*

I have actually had the computer tell me I can't request anymore! What?! How could this be?!

I am at the library so much now picking up my 'orders' that they look at me like
SHES BAAAACCCCCKKKKKK. But remember this is their fault not mine. They created this monster I have become: the book hog ;)

For those of you out there that are fellow book hogs, and you know who you are, I might have to start a book hog anonymous ha-ha just kidding.

God Bless ~Jessica

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