Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The loss of the tv

A person in today's society might not realize this but, to not have the TV on is fastly becoming one of my favorite pastimes. And to think this all began as a punishment to my daughter for mouthing off to me Monday morning before school. I told her the TV was gone till Tuesday and she yelled NO, so with each no came another day.

We are now on day 3 and have 2 more to go. Yep my kid knows how to throw the 'no' word out pretty well.

Its so quiet, just the windows open, the sound of birds chirping, my daughter playing and the dog barking occasionally.

I am thinking the TV might become a thing of the past and become an occasional treat.

She had horrible withdraws the first 24 hours but after that she has done wonderful.

Where is that mouthy little girl, I think she is stuck in the TV somewhere hahaha.
And now I am left with my sweet, funny little girl that I absolutely adore!

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Kristen said...

Omg...I noticed such a difference after removing our kids' receivers from their rooms...and then again after cutting back on TV altogether! You won't regret it!