Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes Random is a good thing

Oh so random.
This week has been a week that I really could have done without.  You know those kinds where a few things were worth it, but in general it stunk!

I have begun writing daily again. For those of you who don't know I have been writing my first book for 2 years now and I have decided that that amount of time to write a book is not acceptable.  So with 108 pages down and averaging 5 to 10 pages a night its coming together.  Cause lets face it there is no way you can write a steamy romance scene when your 5 year old little girl is saying 'Mommy can I have a drink'  or 'Mommy can you set up the Wii for me.'  So I wait and wait and wait till all is quiet in the house and then I get to it.  Put pen to paper so to speak.
So wish me luck, say a prayer or two that all goes well for me because I might, just might get my work published and I have to say that would be a dream come true.

Also before I forget I have to tell you I have lost a total of 32 pounds since August.  I have been doing the no emotional eating thing and still eating anything and everything I want, just not when I am happy, say, angry or any other emotion I might be experiencing at the moment.  I eat when I am hungry, I  know crazy right!  ha ha. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
God is love~ Jessica


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I am so impressed by your perseverance! I have a hard time blogging daily, much less writing something that requires such concentration and creativity! Writer's blessings to you! (And congrats on the emotionally healthy weight loss! :)

Amanda said...

Oops! Somehow I was logged in as my mom in that comment above (she likes to come over and use my computer!). But really, that was me! :)

The Surviving Mom said...

Thanks Amanda, there are some days I just cant write and others thats all I want to do :) Thank you for the weightloss too. As long as God is by my side all is possible!