Thursday, May 13, 2010

Learning, Slowly, but surely.

I want to become more. I want to be the person that others find those little qualities in that they strive to attain.  But then again perhaps I am, I know many people out there that I see qualities in and I do strive to be more like and it helps me to become a better person.  And looking back those qualities go hand in hand with my prayer each night: That God is proud of who I am and who I am becoming, and that whatever I did today He is proud of me.
It is so early in the morning and I have so many things racing through my mind. 
I have put in at the library for books that are not only written by an author that has work considered to be a 'classic' but written by an author that learned a thing or two that might be able to teach me something through their works. 
I am also trying very hard to get completely organized, it is proving to be a slower process that I had hoped, but none the less it is taking form.
Well off to begin my day, the coffee is brewed, and all is quiet, for now. 
I pray that your day is one God will be proud of too!

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fairmaiden said...

I wrote a post recently on my In
The Quiet blog about being His favorite...YOu are His favorite!!!!