Friday, March 23, 2012

He Did It Lovingly

I am humbled by the grace that is bestowed upon me every day.  I am not deserving of His mercy, none of us are.  When you look at how we act and react to any given situation it astounds me to no end that every morning I awake to a new day.  A day that has never been lived before and God takes my hand and says come child, with me anything is possible.  So here I am with mercies anew, undeserving of them but loved so much that it isn't even a question whether or not any of us should have them, its that our Father wants us to have them. 
I look at my own children and there are days that they make mistakes and don't listen but I still want what is best for them no matter what.  And that my friends is what God does for us.  Jesus didn't come here to be tortured and die such a horrible death for nothing.  He came here to play fair with the Devil because God is a fair and loving God.  He died on a cross that was meant as the ultimate punishment, death.  He did it lovingly and in shear agony, but did it for us.  Because we are loved more than words could every say.  He reached out his arms and said I love you this much and died.  Who does that for you? A parent, that is who does it.  A parent is to love, care, wipe tears away, to pick you up when you fall, dust your knees off and say we can do this together.  That is what God does.  So the next time you wake up remember God gave you a new day, mercies anew and did it with love.

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