Monday, June 24, 2013

Explaining The Cross

I have been trying to think exactly how to explain what Jesus did for all of us to my oldest.  After much prayer, the simplest, yet most powerful way was revealed to me.

You are standing in a line, in a line to be crucified at the cross, your heart about beats out of your chest, you are about to be killed in a horrific way, you are far passed scared.  Then out of no where, this man walks up and says, no, you are to be saved, I am to take your place, I know you, I love you, and you are my child.  At that very moment you have just met your savior, who would be beaten and nailed to that cross, washing away any wrong doing you could ever do.  HE TOOK YOUR PLACE.  That is beyond huge, that is Jesus.  Jesus loves you so much He willingly died just for you.  If you were the only one it wouldn't have mattered, He would have still done it.

God is Good


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