Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Oh my, I am currently on a mission to organize my house and my life.  After months of trying to find a home for our glass coffee table, it was finally picked up last night, free to whom ever wanted it. I was housing it in my girls closet and it was more than a problem.  They couldn't get to any of their toys and it was driving me crazy.  Now with it gone I have to say it feels amazing. I have a lot more to do but its a great start.  I am a huge fan of Pinterest. I now feel like I can start taking my ideas that I have pinned and bring them to life in our home.  My littlest child was in awe off how big her closet really is.  She spent a good amount of time running in and out with the pug in tow. I cant wait to show you pictures of our daily purge and organization.  Off to do more!

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