Friday, August 7, 2009

It's alive!

Okay so if you feel like you are getting a play by play on my blog today, you might be right!
I was supposed to be up at 6:30 this morning, but with all the crazy, and I mean CRAZY dreams I had, but that's a whole 'nother story, I didn't get out of bed until an hour later than my scheduled wake up call, AKA Josh. So I finally made it out of bed and called Heather (my bff) to find out if she was ready because she said she was going to the gym for 5 am, yeah well apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree cause she too had just gotten up.

We finally made it to the beach for 9:30am and can I just say I would not have missed this for the world. To see the look on my daughters face that we were at the beach and she got to see her little friend Timmy (Heather's son) was worth everything. She had so much fun, this was a morning not to be missed.

So Heather finds this clam in the water, we look at it throw it back and it shows up again. So we think its dead, try to open it with some sea shells and all our sea shells break. We give up and throw it back. It shows up again (do you see a pattern here). So we decide we ARE going to open this thing, hell or high water. SOOOO I go get my house key and stick it into the clam, uuuggghhh I stabbed it! Heather takes the key amidst all my demands of "don't break my house key" and her "oh stop I'm not going to break it" well it didn't break THANK YOU JESUS! I can just see it now I have to go to my apartment office asking for a new key because I opened a clam with mine. Okay so back to my story. She starts to open it and says it wont open so I take it back (at this point we are like two kids on the beach while our kids are ummm I'm not sure because I WAS going to get this thing open) It finally opens and IT'S ALIVE! I killed the poor thing (Forgive me God) and Heather says your bleeding. I keep saying nope its not me its the clam I KILLED! Well Heather was right I WAS bleeding. I guess that's what you get for killing something I should have just left alone. So now I write to you with a band aid on my finger.

So with that my daughter is in her jammies on the couch curled up the the pug, Milo. Watching Sponge Bob. And I am going to go find some lunch. Have a wonderful day and remember ITS FRIDAY! Have you done your Friday Dance Yet????!!!!

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