Saturday, August 1, 2009


God is so amazing in giving us peace. It probably helps that I am home today too.

I am cleaning house, almost done and so happy to have a house that not only looks clean but has that fresh clean smell to go with it. :)

I am watching my neighbors pug, Pugsy and she is so sweet. I have one pug on one end of the couch and the other (Milo) on the other end of the couch. Both SNORING! But in the midst of all of this I am an undeniable peace running through me. Thank you everyone so much for all of your prayers.

My child sits on the couch and is "testing" her mommy to see if I really will take away the TV if she doesn't clean up that pigsty of a room. It was clean last night and in the coarse of 3 hours this morning it looks like a tornado actually swooped into only her room to make it look like a state of emergency. Oh children, such a blessing and so much work all at once. So off to convince her that if her room is not clean "scooby doo cant visit for a fun filled marathon today on Cartoon Network. Wish me luck and lots off it cause I KNOW I will need it.

Remember Prayer is the best gift anyone can give someone. ~Jess

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