Friday, July 31, 2009

Laughter is the best medicine

Do you ever notice that when someone is giggly and happy you feel so much more at ease?
I find that if I don't laugh at times I would just plain old cry.
I love to laugh, I love to see people smile and hear what wonderful laugh they poses.
I know this is a short one today but remember Laughter is the best medicine!

OH and do not forget to do your FRIDAY dance! I did mine :)

God is love~ Jess


VacationGirl said...

i'm not dancing i have to go balc to work on monday boohoo

Jessica said...

But you should dance. You have a job when so many others are in dire need of one. God blesses you each day and the friday dance is not just for people who work its a celebration that we made it to another day and are closer to the Lords day!