Thursday, July 30, 2009

When in doubt

So I am in the class room today and there is this little boy that just would not go to sleep at nap time. I tried everything. Being sweet, being stern, telling him to just plain go to bed. Well finally the light bulb above my head went off and ding ding ding, I had a great idea. When in doubt join in. So I thought well I will just talk to him, I learned a lot from a 4 year old today. But he learned something from me too- to meditate. Yes that is right people I had a 4 year old sitting 'criss cross apple sauce" with his arms held out to is sides and making the all so normal pose for meditation with his hands and we "ummmmed" for 10 minutes. This kid would open one eye look at me and go back to it. It was great. Kids are awesome. No matter whose they are.

Oh and not to forget today is Friday Eve!!!!

Tomorrow I will do my Its Friday Dance and mean every move I make!

I hope all of you had a great day. I had a much better one. God is so good to me, he gives great family, great friends and unconditional love. ~Jess

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