Friday, July 10, 2009

Ahhh it's Friday!

So if you read my blog from yesterday, I said I would do the happy dance when I woke up.
I did!!!! I am SO happy for Friday. When I was a at home mom everday was Friday, each day was so exciting. Well my days are exciting, well most are. But Friday has meaning again. It's kind of like before you become a christian you don't realize what so many people are so excited about for the Lords Day, Sunday. Then you become one and you are like OOOHHH I get it now! That is what Friday is for me, now that I am back to working. I told my lovely husband that if he wanted me to quit and stay home to tend to everything I would. Well if you think that worked let me just say I wouldnt be so excited about Friday. LOL.

Oh and not to digress which I do on a daily basis, but I went to Wally World aka Wal-Mart and I needed to get ONLY the things I on my list. Did I say ONLY, yeah well there were only 4 items on my list:bread, chips, panko bread crumbs (making ranch chicken with them mmmm), and toilet paper. So my reciept reads 22 items! Yikes okay so 22 items and $50 later I made my way out to my car aka the grass hopper (its a green element, you get the picture, right?). I just love how groceries and the crazy shopper, me, get together and help make the ecomey a better place, HA! I dread doing my checkbook now. I will wait till the morning and have donuts and coffee to ease the pain. ~Jess

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