Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Do you ever . . .

Do you ever have days of wanting to hide?
I remember when my daughter was little and I went to the ummm . . . potty as she would say, sometimes I would close the door for a 1 minute "break" then I would see these little fingers under the door wiggling and hear "mommy" for the sweetest voice I have ever heard. Well that is not the kind of hide I mean, even though I do love that story :)

I mean the kind when the world swirls around you and you feel like you are in the house in Wizard of Oz. I feel like the control I used to have over my life is gone. I do turn to God every moment that I just need to breathe and even when I just NEED Him.

Life is so short before you know it you are Graduating High School and college and then married and then sweet babies come along but somehow other factors come into play and you remind yourself that this is all Gods plan, his master plan. Who am I to question it? But when you are swirling around and you just want to "hide" then you realize you are only human and that he has more mercy and grace than we can imagine. He never said this life would be easy, just worth it!

Family is EVERYTHING, don't let anyone come in between that. God is love. ~Jess

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