Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Give it away

Oh what a week and its only Tuesday. I actually told a parent this evening, Have a good weekend, then I said wait it's only Tuesday.

I keep telling myself to give my problems to God. Do I? Yes, and then, and then I somehow take them back. What is wrong with me? Okay so I have come to the conclusion I am just human. I strive to do this everyday and everyday I fail. But I am on a current and every moment walk with the Lord to do this.

My newest saying I tell myself: I am not responsible for others actions nor their responsibilities.

I am responsible for my own, yes. But ultimately not theirs. God wants to be God. He doesn't want me to be God. So this is part of my walk also. To give it over.

My prayer for myself and others: To show not just me but others the path, and lead us and for us to follow. In the whole aspect of it allow us to make it financially and emotionally and last but never, ever, ever least spiritually.

God is so good. Never failing. Awesome. Loving. The essence to my very being. How I love him.


rosemari said...

hey jess you are a blessing to me everyday i hope the weeks get better before i come back love rose

Jessica said...

If they don't I will just have to run away ;) No really they will be just fine, you have a wonderful time off.