Friday, July 17, 2009

True Story

So before I start my true story. I have to say ITS FRIDAY. Yes I did my happy dance. Even though I did it at 6pm today I still did it. My husband saw my dancing up the stairs and looked at me like I was a total dork but that is okay because he kept saying dont rub it in. Cause he has to work early, like 530 am early! But guess what?! ITS FRIDAY :)

Okay so my true story.
This involves me, and two 3 year old boys. Both of whom are now the proud big brothers of baby brothers. I will call them Ryan and Mark.
So it goes like this:

Me to Ryan: How do you like your new little bother?

Ryan: I like him but wait, Mark have you gotten yours yet?

Mark: Yeah I got him.

Ryan: Oh cool, I didnt know you got him.

Mark: Yeah I got him a couple weeks ago.

(It sounds like they sell baby brothers at the store now lol)


rosemari said...

nice jess but you forgot how he cries alot

Jessica said...

Oh no that was another time we talked haha.